Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Assault Weapons Ban of 2013: The Big Lie in America

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 "...A  government,  and its agents,  are under  no  general duty to provide  public  services, such as Police Protection, to any particular individual citizen"   Supreme Court Decision,  Warren v. District of Columbia,  444  A. 2d  (D.C. App. 181)                                                             

"They that can give up essential  liberty to obtain  a  little temporary safety deserve neither"     Benjamin Franklin.


If the reader reads  nothing else,  I  refer the reader to an excellent series of  essays and  facts written and  gathered by the organization   Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.    I had never read such  eloquent, logical, fact-based, and dispassionate arguments supporting the case for the ownership of firearms by the individual;  dispelling myths the anti-gun crowd circulates; and going even so far as compiling a very recent list (2011)  of  gun facts disproving what the media and anti-gun groups circulate as facts.  Do yourself a favor  and read them.  You'll want to at least bookmark them,  or  download them, as I have done for future reference.

"A Psychiatrist Examines The Anti-Gun Mentality"                   www.jpfo.org/filegen-n-z/ragingagainstselfdefense.htm

 "The Seven Varieties Of Gun Control Advocate"                       www.jpfo.org/filegen-a-m/seven-vars-2.htm

"Why The Gun  IS  Civilization"                                                    www.jpfo.org/articles-assd02/marko.htm

"Gun Facts"        (incredibly comprehensive collection!)           www.jpfo.org/pdf03/gun-facts-v6.0-screen.pdf


 www.tinyurl.com/senator-dianne-feinstein      (humor)

 US Department of Justice Reports Not Supporting  Anti-Gun Lobby  Claims  &  Ban on  "Assault  Weapons"  (sic)

http://tinyurl.com/ammmvgg       The Big Lie   1 in 5 Police Shot with Assault Weapon

"Illegal Firearms:  Access and Use By Arrestees", Publication  NCJ  163496

"Firearm Injury and Death from Crime", Publication NCJ  182993

"Firearm Use by Offenders",  Publication  NCJ  160093

"Weapon Use and Violent Crime",  Publication  NCJ  194820

"Weapons Offenses and Offenders",  Publication  NCJ  155284

"Guns in America",  Publication   NCJ  165476

"Firearms and Crimes of Violence",  Publication  NCJ  146844

"Guns and Crime",  Publication  NCJ  147003

"Guns  Used   in  Crime",   Publication  NCJ  148201   (depicted on this site)

"Federal Firearms Offenders",  Publication  NCJ  180785

"Impacts of the Assault Weapons Ban",  Publication  NCJ  173405   (depicted  on this site)

 Anti-gun people like to point to other countries and tell us they have made gun ownership just
about impossible.  Well, yeah.  And what's happened?  Crime rates in those countries has surpassed those of the United States!   Oh, yeah.  Look at Mexico.  You have to be at least 25 years of age to own a firearm.  However, take it out of your home for any reason and the law will come down on you very severely.    Does that stop the Drug Cartels and their gangs?  Hell no.  Tens of thousands of people have been killed in Mexico in the past few years.  But they blame the United States for the guns, even the automatic ones that could not have come from the USA  (too controlled).  The same way that  calumnists  (not columnists, but calumnists)  blame the National Rifle Association for psychopaths with  blood-lust.   It was the National Rifle Association that championed laws preventing  FELONS and  INSANE people from legally owning firearms back early in the 20th century.   The NRA also instructs  Police instructors so they in turn can teach rookie cops how to shoot.   I  wasn't a member until  December 24, 2012.  The hysteria has convinced me I better join.   
 Warren v. District of Columbia  444 A.2d 1 (D.C. App. 181); Court of Appeals Decision:  Pinder v. Johnson   54 F. 3d 1169 (CA 4 1995)  and  numerous  other  lower court decisions reaffirming that the Police's or Government's duty is NOT to protect an individual or individuals but SOCIETY AS A WHOLE.   You are on your own insofar as protecting yourself and your loved ones.   

Thank You to not only the US (EEUU) readers/visitors of this blog but to the readers/visitors  from Canada, Germany, England, Australia,  South Korea, Japan,  Philippines, Guam, South Africa, Ireland, Malaysia and Norway!  Your interest in this subject is  highly appreciated!  Do not let the news media and anti-2nd Amendment  special interest groups in the USA make you believe violence is on the rise.  These are isolated acts of domestic terrorism  by violently-mentally-ill persons influenced by the very violent video games available and the very violent  "action films"  Hollywood constantly markets.